We have a passion for creating new and unique spaces
You dream it, We visualize it together
Beautiful things don't always need to be expensive
DK Architectural Designs thrives to be the best in being innovative and original in an undifferentiated market.
Our mission is to create homes and any other types of building that are unique, modern, stylish and affordable for any budget.
Core Values
D.K Architectural designs provides a high level of customer service by building an open and reliable relationship with it's clients. We are innovative in our designs. And with passion, creativity and expertise we achieve your wanted outcome by being efficient and original.
D.K Architectural Designs was established on March 14, 2014, by Dominico Kerman who is also the owner of this business. The passion for Architecture from the child years has developed into making it a profession.

The motivation of our work lies within the love for the fact that we create something that will last for decades just by starting to draw one line. We aspire to design something aesthetic that touches people’s hearts in the same way Architecture touches ours.

D.K Architectural Design has grown from mainly focusing on small house designs to bigger and more diverse projects like apartment buildings, restaurants, vacation resorts, parcel planning, and landscaping. We embrace every challenge by trying to design whatever kind of building the customer has in mind.

Beauty, especially in Architecture, truly is in the eye of the beholder. We hope you will see the beauty in our works.
3D Gypsum panels by D.K Designs
If you want to have an exciting, revolutionary and elegant new look for your walls, then the 3D gypsum panels by DK-design are what you are looking for.

These panels are carefully handmade in Suriname which results in shorter delivery time and makes the price more affordable than imported alternatives.

Gypsum is a soft white or grey mineral consisting of hydrated calcium sulfate used to make plaster. You can paint the Gypsum panels any color or finish you like, as you would with any plaster wall.

Give your room the unique look you've been dreaming of by choosing from various designs to decorate your office, family room, salon, bedroom, lobby or any other desired space or outside of your building.
100% ECO - friendly
Gypsum Panels are made from 100% natural and safe components.
Sound Wave
High density gypsum will help to reduce noise and sound echo.
Easy repair and replace
The panels are easy to repair or replace if scratched , cracked or damaged.
Fire resistant
3D Gypsum Panels are 100% fire and heat resistant.
3D designs
Complete 3D designs of your home, garden, office, pool, etc.
Building plan with building permit included
Creating new or modifying existing construction drawings.
Renovation, Re-modeling
Renovate and redesign existing buildings.
3D designs, Realisation, Maintenance.
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